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Jesus I Trust In You

"Each person is precious in God’s eyes.

Jesus gave His Life for each one.

This consoling message is

addressed above all to those who have lost

confidence in life and are tempted to give in to despair.

To them the gentle face of Jesus is offered;

Those rays from His Heart

Touch them and

Shine upon them

Warm them

Show them the Way and

Fill them with Hope

How many souls have been consoled by the prayer

“Jesus I Trust In You”

This simple act of abandonment to Jesus

dispels the thickest clouds and lets a ray of light"

penetrate every life.

(Pope John Paul)


You who say in silence –

“Jesus I Trust In You”

teach us there is

No Faith More Profound

No Hope More Alive

 No Love More Ardent

Than the Faith- Hope and Love of people who in the

midst of suffering place themselves securely in

God’s Hands.

(Pope Benedict)


"THE JOY OF THE GOSPEL fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.

Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness" 

(Pope Francis)